Meet some of your drivers on Flinders Island to get you from A to B

With 2023 now upon us, we'd like to introduce you to some of our drivers and announce an extension of our free Weekly Connector Service.

Meet some of your CTST bus drivers to help you get from A to B

With 2023 now upon us, we’d like to introduce you to our team of drivers and share some news about our service.

CTST now has a team of paid drivers who will help get you to where you need to go on the island.

We have also extended our free Wednesday Weekly Connector Service until June 2023. Outside of this service, we welcome bookings for individual and group transport during weekdays.

"The bus can be used for a whole range of activities, not just for medical appointments. It can be used for shopping, social outings, visiting favourite parts of the island, getting to and from the airport, and more."

Meet your drivers

Meredith and John Loudon are two of our paid drivers who have joined the team. Under a partnership with the Multi-Purpose Health Centre, Haydn Moon will be a driver for the centre.

Many of you will know Meredith and John, who have lived on Flinders Island for nine years. Meredith was a teacher at the district high school until last year while John worked at the Multi-Purpose Health Centre until 18 months ago.

Both John and Meredith now have the flexibility to drive you to where you need to go.

Why did you choose to work for CTST?

Meredith: Working for CTST is a way for me to stay engaged with the Flinders Island community. Until now, it is the children that I have known well so working with CTST is an opportunity to get to know different members of our community.

John: Because of my work at the MPC I’ve been familiar with the CTST vehicle and service over quite a few years. I feel that the service has long struggled to grow into a more useful asset to the community which seems due to a number of reasons. I think this is unfortunate as there is no reason it should not function well. More uptake of the service would overcome some of those things that are problems due to inadequate patronage. One of the things that has caused difficulty is a lack of available drivers. These days my work is usually flexible enough to allow me to be available for driving the CTST vehicle, so I figured I should put my hand up to help out, and yes, I think I’ll enjoy playing chauffeur.

What are the benefits of the service?

Meredith: "I feel that the benefits are in enabling people to stay connected, especially after they may no longer be able to drive, or only be able to drive short distances."

John: "There are lots of benefits, and CTST has made some generous concessions to make the service more accessible to this community. It is cheap (petrol in a private vehicle will cost you more). The range of possible uses is broad."

What do you hope for the service in 2023?

Meredith: I am hoping that people would understand how they can use the CTST service on Flinders and to make full use of it. It would be wonderful to see people using it to visit friends, attend events, travel to and from the airport, go to one of the gyms, visit the museum or other parts of the island which they may not have been able to get to for some time. Maybe they could use the service to take themselves and a group of friends out for a meal or coffee. It would be wonderful to see the CTST bus out and about most days of the week.

John: "I think this is a great thing available on the island and I hope that 2023 sees it grow into the helpful, well utilised, service that it should be."

About the Bus

  • Registration and bookings can be made through CTST on 1800 781 033. There is no need to register with My Aged Care first.
  • The service is for people aged over 65 years of age, aged over 50 if an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or if you are living with a condition that prevents you from undertaking daily activity, such as a disability.  
  • The bus can be used for individual transport such as doctor and specialist appointments, shopping, social activities, drop off and pick up from the airport.
  • The bus can also be used for group bookings such as a visit the museum, a meal out, or visiting different locations on the island.

Talk to CTST or one of our drivers about how we can help you with transport on Flinders Island.

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