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A new concept in flexible transportation

Area Connect is a new concept in flexible transportation to serve smaller and more remote communities in Tasmania where public transport is not readily available.

Keeping you connected with your community

Area Connect is intended to facilitate your access to employment, training, medical and personal care, and improve your connection to your community. It does not duplicate any existing services; rather it expands the effectiveness of existing services by connecting with them.

Its main purpose is to get people to where they need to go – either by connecting them to an existing public transport service, or taking them to their destination where no public transport exists.

While it can also connect with funded community transport, and with mainstream public transport, it is different and separate from either of these, created to fill a different need.

This service has been created and developed by CTST in consultation with the Tasmanian community.

The main objectives of Area Connect are to connect you with:
We can transport people without private transport and/or poor access to public transport to and from work.
We can get you to and from school, college, a trade training centre or other vocational training program.
We can help you attend social functions, shopping trips, medical and personal appointments, attend to personal business, and more.
Public transport
We can carry people who live some distance from existing public transport, from an agreed pickup point to a suitable location where they can catch public transport.
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