Making someone's day that little bit better

A positive role model for our service

It’s time to meet another of our wonderful volunteers, this time we turn to the North West to have a chat with Alan.


Alan has been with us for four years now and is a great ambassador for our service. He is a highly regarded driver, well-liked by consumers, and known for his ‘can do’ attitude and helpful nature. This year Alan was the North West recipient of our annual volunteer recognition awards.  


Alan, how long have you been volunteering with CTST?

“I think I’ve just started my fourth year with CTST. They go by so fast.”


Why did you join CTST?

“To give the wife a day or two with me out of her way. Seriously though, I enjoy driving and CTST fulfills that. I also get to meet some great people - staff and clients.”


What did you do before joining us?

“Before joining the team I worked as a taxi operator in Burnie – Wynyard. Prior to that, I was the water and wastewater plant operator at Savage River mine.”


What do you like about volunteering with us?

“I like the unexpected trips. The Out & About runs (social outings program) are great as I get to see so many different places. I get as much enjoyment from these as the clients.”


What are some of your memorable moments with us?

“The most memorable moments… well it would have to be being nominated for volunteer of the year. The second thing would be being the recipient of the award, and the third would be an outing to spots on the West Coast that I’ve never been to. The fourth, would be a driving an outing to Tullah.”


“Volunteering with CTST satisfies my enjoyment for driving and the knowledge that I’ve helped get someone to an appointment on time, or clients to an outing, or just made someone’s day a little better.”

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