Local community transport to keep you connected in the Huon? You can bank on it!

A new vehicle and driver are now on the road in the Huon to deliver community transport thanks to a partnership with Bendigo Community Bank

A new vehicle and driver are now on the road to provide door-to-door community transport thanks to a partnership between Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST) and Bendigo Community Bank in the Huon Valley.

The partnership will help address the growing demand for community transport in the Huon so that eligible residents can live independently and stay connected in their community for longer.

The $372,000 grant from Bendigo Community Bank in the Huon Valley will be for a five-year period.

CTST has been delivering door-to-door community transport in the Huon for more than 20 years. Transport is provided to help consumers attend medical appointments in the Huon and further afield, to carry out daily activities, as well as attend social outings to keep connected with family and friends.  

Chief Executive Officer of CTST, Lyndon Stevenson, said the partnership demonstrates a strong commitment by both CTST and the Bendigo Community Bank to improve access to transport in the Huon.

“We are proud to partner with the Community Bank and humbled by the trust they have placed in our service so that together we can continue to deliver good outcomes for people living in the Huon,” Mr Stevenson said.

“This partnership allows us the opportunity to deliver community transport for the aged, and younger people living with a disability, so they receive medical care, and undertake a range of activities to live well in their community.

“Having another vehicle and driver will immediately help to meet the demand for our service in the Huon and remove barriers to access while we continue to attract volunteer drivers.”

“We are dedicated to investing in the needs of the Huon Valley community and are pleased to provide CTST with this grant for a new vehicle and driver. This grant will help many who may be isolated to live much healthier and happier lives.” Michael Lynch, Chair of Huon Valley Financial Services who operates the four Community Bank branches in the Huon Valley.

Need community transport?

If you are aged 65 years and over (or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders), you can request transport assistance through My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

For residents aged under 65 years (under 50 for Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders) living with a disability or condition preventing you from undertaking daily activities, please contact the Tasmanian Community Care Referral Service.

Once transport assistance is approved, call CTST on 1800 781033 to register. More information can be found at www.ctst.org.au.

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