Funding to grow and increase access to transport in the Huon Valley

We are thrilled to announce funding from the Community Bank Huon Valley to grow our service in the Huon.

We are thrilled to announce that we have received funding from the Community Bank Huon Valley (Bendigo Bank) to support the growth of our service and improve access to transport in the Huon.

The grant, totalling $372,000 across five years, will be used to purchase a vehicle and fund a paid driver.  

Given the geographical dispersion of residents in the Huon, limited access to services and public transport, the increased service will play a pivotal role in the community for consumers to access medical care, do their shopping, and take part in social activities.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Board of the Community Bank to recognise the value of our service in this way,” said Lyndon Stevenson, CEO of CTST.

“This grant will significantly help us improve access to community transport for the aged and younger people with a disability and support them to live well, maintain their independence and connection with their community."

CTST has been active in the Huon Valley for more than two decades. Transport is provided to more than 300 residents with around 3,600 trips delivered in and outside of the area, mainly for medical appointments.

Demand for community transport has grown steadily in the Huon during the past few years.

“Currently we rely on vehicles from the Kingston and the Channel area to help meet demand. Having an additional vehicle available in the Huon, and a paid driver to support our three volunteers, allows us to expand our service immediately while providing the time to recruit and train new volunteers to sustain the service into the future.”

“We look forward to increasing our door-to-door service so that more people can access community transport right around the Huon.”
Community Bank Huon Valley's Jayde Smith, CEO of CTST Lyndon Stevenson, Huon Valley Financial Services committee members Pam Lane and Ken Langston, and Community Bank Huon Valley's Ellice Harvey.
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