East Coast stars recognised for their volunteering

CTST recognises East Coast volunteers - Graeme, Cheryl and Bill - for their service

CTST acknowledges the service given to the community by St Helens resident Graeme Chandler, and Cheryl and Bill Hodgetts from Swansea.

Graeme has provided 15 years’ of service, while Cheryl and Bill have given 10 years to help transport their community to where they need to go.

Graeme joined CTST in 2008 and knows firsthand the service that CTST provides the community. After a serious motorbike accident that put him out of the workforce, Graeme and his wife relied on CTST and taxis to get to rehab.

“At the time I was going through counselling, and it was recommended to me that I should volunteer in some area. My wife and I both realised how essential community transport was for us and I wanted to do something. I love it,” Graeme said.

“We live in a small community ourselves and it’s central to have access in a small community. Getting older people out is essential for their wellbeing too.”

“Volunteering is good for my mental wellbeing. I would stay home otherwise. I need it as much for myself as the people I help. It makes me feel useful.”

Graeme regularly drives for CTST’s group social outings program, ‘Out and Abouts’, which includes trips to locations such as Hobart, New Norfolk, and Launceston.

Graeme also helps with personal transport driving people to medical appointments, shopping, social events, and outings.  

For Cheryl and Bill Hodgetts, who have each given 10 years of service to CTST, volunteering was a way to help older people in their community.

“It’s good talking to older people and helping them out, because a lot of people would be completely lost without the service,” Cheryl said.

“We thought by giving our time to CTST, that when we’re too old to drive there might be someone around who could drive us too.”  

Chief Executive Officer of CTST, Lyndon Stevenson, believed it was important to recognise the service volunteers had played in their community and the organisation.

“We are grateful to have Graeme, Bill and Cheryl volunteer with us and they have provided a great deal to keeping their community connected,” Lyndon said.

“Graeme, Bill, and Cheryl display all the characteristics we are looking for in being a volunteer – friendliness, commitment, and a willingness to help their community stay connected.

“We thank them, and all our volunteers right around the state for the work they do. These awards are our way to reflect, acknowledge and thank them for the service.”

Thirty CTST volunteers located around the state were recognised for giving five or more years of service to CTST and their community.

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